“My emotions manifested in uncontrollable tears. I found myself shaking and sobbing in Ben’s arms, even as he held me firmly and kissed my
“Hey, it’s okay, baby,” he whispered, rubbing my back. “It’s okay.”
Could I even be a mother to him? Would he even accept me? Would he accept Ben?
We were complete strangers to each other. I wondered if the bridge between us could ever be closed.
This was all so strange. Stranger than a dream.
Corrine gave Ben and me some privacy, and I continued to cry in his arms until I could cry no more. I drew in deep shuddering breaths as I tried
to compose myself. I should listen to what my husband said . It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.
“We can go and talk to him in your own time,” Ben said. “There’s no rush.”
I nodded, clearing my throat. Though I actually did not want to drag this out. I wanted to talk to Field, now. Drawing it out would only leave me to
speculate longer about how it would all go. How it would all work out.
I clutched Ben’s hand and kissed the back of it before raising my eyes to his. “I’d like to talk to him now. And I think that, at least initially, I should
see him alone.”
C orrine escorted us back to the hospital. We found the five boys on the ground floor, sitting around a table in the dining room. They were gulping
down a meal. Who knew the last time they had eaten proper food. Maybe even never.
I stood with Ben discreetly in the doorway of the dining hall, waiting until they had finished before daring to venture in alone and make my way
toward Field, while Ben headed up to Grace’s room. Field was just dumping his disposable plate into a trashcan and I caught him turning around,
our turquoise eyes meeting. He stopped still as he stared back at me, his thick brows lowering. Now that I examined him, I was sure that we
shared a similar lip shape, too.
My voice caught in my throat. “Field,” I managed. “Could I… have a word with you?”
He looked at me uncertainly, but nodded. I sat down at an empty table with him, the two of us in opposite seats. I hesitated. How do I break this
to him? I guessed there was really only one way… “Field, I… I’m your mother.”
He looked like he’d been stunned. His lips parting, his breath hitched. “What?”
“You were born from my egg. You are my son.”
God, this felt so weird. I could only imagine how Grace would react once I told her.
“One of our witches did a test,” I went on, my voice becoming more unsteady.
“Mother? ” he mouthed.
“I’m afraid I don’t know who your father is,” I said. So don’t ask me that. Although I was curious, there was a part of me that hoped I would
never find out who his father was. It would take the strangeness of the situation to a whole new level.
Field’s face only grew more stunned as I went on to explain how he must have been conceived. How my eggs had been stolen, and I never knew
about his existence. How I never would have known, had it not been for Lawrence finding and bringing him here.
I talked and talked, and by the end, when he was still silent, I couldn’t bear to sit here facing him any longer. I stood up and moved around to him,
placing my hands on his shoulders. He rose and, even as he stood much taller than me, I drew him in for a hug.
He was stiff at first beneath my embrace, but then his arms loosened and wrapped around me. These boys weren’t used to affection. I doubted
Field had ever been hugged. The only constant in their lives had been each other.
I couldn’t stop the tears leaking from my eyes again now, even though I wished that they wouldn’t.
As we drew apart, my hands running down his arms and clasping his hands, we looked each other over again.
“Mother,” he repeated, as though he still couldn’t believe it. Neither could I. It would take a while for this revelation to sink in for all of us.
As I turned, I realized the other four boys were watching us. Unfortunately, I had no idea who their parents were. I couldn’t spot any of my traits
in them, so I could only assume it was just Field created from one of my eggs. I wasn’t sure that my nerves could have hacked two surprise sons,
so it was just as well.
“I’d like to take you to your half-sister,” I told Field. “She doesn’t know about our connection yet. Would you mind that?”
“I’d like it.”
“Okay,” I breathed.”